Appendix 1

Voyages of the Justine, 1837–1842

compiled by R. D. Wood

(Unpublished, revised version February 1994)


Only by construction of a timetable for the voyage of the Justine could any link be shown to exist between the Justine in the Pacific with L’Oriental on which Capt. Augustin Lucas arrived in South America in December 1839 from France.  The newspaper columns that listed arrivals and departures of the Justine during a period from 1837 to 1842 have been cited in footnotes to the essay ‘The Voyage of Captain Lucas and the Daguerreotype to Sydney’ –  this appendix gives the full text of those important clues on the whereabouts of the Justine.  It will be noticed that nowhere amongst this shipping–news is mentioned the forename – François – of its captain.

1.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7461, 1 February 1838, [p.2].
Rio Janeiro (report Nov 28), Nov 13 [1837] Justine, [Captain] Lucas, arrived from Havre.

2.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7481, 24 February 1838, [p.2],
“Vessels Spoken with [no date given] ... Justine, Lucas, Havre to New S Wales, lat 5, lon 23, by the Joseph Nazereau, arrived at Monte Video”.

3.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7561, 30 May 1838, [p.3],
“Paris, 28 May. The Justine, Lucas, from Santos to Valparaiso, put into Monte Video, 25 January [1838], with damage, and part of her cargo thrown overboard, having been aground on the English Bank ”.

4.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7780, 12 February 1839, [p.3],
Valparaiso (report Nov. 11), Nov. 1 [1838], Justine, [Captain] Bernard, sailed for Sydney.

5.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7891, 22 June 1839, Column 2,
Otaheite, December 19 [1838], Justine, [Captain] Lucas, arrived from Valparaiso

6.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7897, 29 June 1839, Column 3,
Bay of Islands, New Zealand ([Report] Mar. 4), Feb. 17, [Captain] Bernard, arrived from Valparaiso.

7.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7953, 3 September 1839, Col. 3
Bay of Islands, Mar 20 [= date of report or arrival?], Justinia  [sic.–  nia] [no captain listed] arrived from Chili.

8.   Lloyd’s List (London), No. 7980, 4 October 1839, Col. 7
Sydney, N.S.W. (report May 6), Apr. 25, Justine, [Captain] Bernard, arrived from France.

9A. Sydney Herald, Monday, July 8, 1839, p.2a
Shipping Intelligence. Departures...Yesterday [7 July 1839]..., the barque Justine, in ballast [for Mauritius]

9B. Lloyd’s List, No. 8039, Thursday, 12 December 1839, Col.6
Sydney, N.S.W., July 7 [1839], Justine, [Capt] –– [sic “––” instead of a name], sailed for Mauritius.

10. Lloyd’s List, No. 8174, 20 May 1840, Column 7
Port Adelaide, previous to January 11 [1840], Justine, Lucas, arrived from Sydney.

11A.Sydney Herald, Monday, February 17, 1840, p. 2a, p. 2c
Shipping Intelligence. Arrivals. On Saturday last [15 February 1840]..., From Bourbon [Réunion] via Adelaide, same day, having left the former port the 1st November [1839], and the latter the 1st instant [February 1840], the barque Justine, Capt Lucas, with sugar (p. 2a).  ... The Justine arrived from South Australia on Saturday last with part of her original cargo from Bourbon consisting of sugar &c (p.2c).

11B.Sydney Herald, Monday, February 24, 1840, [Suppl] p. 2d
Sydney General Trade List. Published under the authority of the Customs. Imports ... February 17 [1840], JUSTINE (barque) 265 tons, Lucas, Master, from Bourbon, via Adelaide, A. B. Spark, agent; 7 Kegs tobacco, 4 case ironmongery, 2012 bags of sugar, Abercombie & Co.

12A.Sydney Herald, Wednesday, April 8, 1840, p. 2a
Shipping Intelligence. Departure. For New Zealand, yesterday [7 April 1840], the French bargue, Justine, Captain Lucas, with sundries. Passengers – Mr.and Mrs Thorpe and seven children, Doctor Martin, Mr.Barker, Mr Peek, Mr Palmer, Mr Williams, Mr Mullin, Mr Boyer, Mr Scott, Mr Wymer, Mr Guion, Mr Shelley, Mr Cabear, Mr Clavelere, and twenty–one in steerage.

12B.Sydney Herald, Monday, April 13, 1840, Supplement
Departures April 7 – JUSTINE, Lucas, master, for New Zealand

13. Lloyd’s List, No. 8376, 12 January 1841, Column 8
Valparaiso (September 30), September 23 [1840], Justine, Lucas, arrived from New Zealand

14. Lloyd’s List, No. 8406, 16 February 1841, Column 10
Valparaiso (November 7 [1840]), Justine, Lucas, sailed for New Zealand

15. Sydney Gazette, March 30, 1841, p.2a
Shipping Intelligence. Arrivals. From Valparaiso, via the Bay of Islands (New Zealand,) yesterday [29 March 1841], having left the former port on 6th November, and the latter 17th instant, the barque Justine, Captain Lucas, with flour, wines, &c. Passengers Captain Bernard, Captain Elliot, William Eastcott, Esq. Messieurs Dessuth and Guion, Mademoselle Lucus [sic], and three in the steerage.

16. Sydney Herald, Tuesday, March 30, 1841, p. 2a
Shipping Intelligence. Arrivals. From the Bay of Islands [NZ], yesterday [29 March 1841], having left the 17th instant, the French barque Justine, Captain Lucas, with sundries. Passengers, Mr Bernard, Mr Elliot, Monsieur Guion, Monsieur Desento, Mr Eastute, and two in the steerage ... The Justine brings no particular news.

17. Sydney Herald, Tuesday, April 6, 1841, p. 2g
Sydney General Trade List. Published under the authority of the Customs. Imports. Reports ... April 2 [1841] – JUSTINE, bargue 265 tons, Lucas, master, from the Bay of Islands [NZ]; 85 barrels of flour, 80 barrels of beef, 2 cases jardines, 50 cases pickles, 1 case raisins, 3 cases almonds, 2 cases ink, 10 barrels shot, 50 boxes walnuts, 20 bags beans, 150 boxes soap, 4 boxes candles, 75 bags wheat, 12 bags lucerne seed, 20 bags barley, 15 tons shells, 1000 coconuts, 1 barrel lime juice, Captain Bernard.
[presumably Bernard’s name here means that he registered these goods with the Customs and was acting as agent in Sydney]

18. Sydney Herald, Friday, June 4, 1841, p. 2
Shipping Intelligence. Departures. For Bourbon, yesterday [3 June 1841], Justine, Captain Lucas, with a general cargo.

19. Lloyd’s List, No. 8629, 4 November 1841, Column 8
Valparaiso (July 27), July 24 [1841], Justine, Lucas, arrived from Sydney

20. Lloyd’s List, No. 8658, 8 December 1841, Column 11
Valparaiso (August 27), August 12 [1841], Justine, Lucas, sailed for Arica [North border of Chile], &c.

21. Lloyd’s List, No. 8706, 3 February 1842, Column 6.
Valparaiso (Oct 30), 15 [Oct] Justine, Lucas, sailed for Arica and sailed 28th [Oct 1841] for Bordeaux.

22. Lloyd’s List, No. 8733, 7 March 1842, Column 10
Paris, 5th March. The Justine, Lucas, from Valparaiso was towed into Locmariaquer Roads, 26th ult.[February 1842] with rudder unshipped, having struck on the rocks off Morbihan.

23. Lloyd’s List, No. 8735, 9 March 1842, Column 5
Bordeaux (Mar.5) 3 [March 1842], Justine, Lucas, arrived from South Seas.

A widened perspective on this voyage of the Justine between 1837 and 1842 can be obtained from two publications:

S.[sic] M. Lucas,‘Extrait du rapport adressé au  ministre de la marine par le captaine Lucas, commandant le navire la Justine, de Bordeaux, sur les circonstances de son voyage dans l’Océanie, en 1837–1841’, Annales Maritimes et Coloniales (Paris), 1842, Partie 2 (non officielle) vol. 2, pp. 496–503.

Adrien Carré, ‘La singulière histoire de l’Oriental–Hydrographe’, Bulletin, Comite Nantais de Documentation Historique de la Marine, No. 2, 1970, pp. 17–35.
This is an excellent study of the voyage of L’Oriental and Augustin Lucas that also provides information on the Lucas family enabling several gaps to be filled in with regard to the voyage of the Justine, its owner Captain Bernard and Captain François–Marie Lucas.

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