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  Rev. Joseph Bancroft Reade, FRS (1801-1870)

Rev. J. B. Reade (18011870): a Bibliography
   The full Bibliography is in two parts. It has remained unpublished, instead one printed copy of Part I is held at the library of the Royal Society (RS library: Tracts X499/3).

Part 1, works written by Reade (109 items) in table layout, or as text in endnote format,
Part 1 lists the writings of Reade (items 1-109), those published during his lifetime as well as a small number of manuscripts.

Part 2: Bibliography of writings and reports about J. B. Reade
Part 2 is a bibliography of published work by other persons that mention Reade, during his lifetime, and in studies of a historical nature that have appeared from his death at the end of 1870 until 2000.
(Part 2 is still ongoing research, not available online until a final version is reached)

J. B. Reade, FRS, and the early history of photography, Part I
‘A Re–assessment on the discovery of contemporary evidence’,
published in Annals of Science, March 1971, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 13-45
Includes the full text of Reade's letter dated 28 February 1839 to the Royal Society on "some curious results connected with Mr Talbot's process of photogenic drawing", not presented at any meeting of the Royal Society, merely placed into their archive of miscellaneous correspondence.
But this 33 page article is not just about Reade, it explores many aspects and people involved in the discovery of photography.
To read the article in its original printed layout (particularly rewarding as it had footnotes at bottom of pages, not endnotes)
download a PDF file of the text,
and the two unpaginated plates (portrait of Reade and lithograph of head of a flea) are provided in a second larger PDF (plates XI and XII).

J. B. Reade, FRS, and the early history of photography, Part 2
‘Gallic Acid and Talbot’s Calotype Patent’,
published in Annals of Science, March 1971, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 47-83
This article is primarily concerned with Talbot”s Calotype and the legal cases of the early 1850s relating to it. Reade was involved in Talbot v. Laroche due to his early use of gallic acid - on which see the weird defacement of Talbot's chemical notebook shown in
 Plate XIII (J. B. Reade Part 2)
There in three places a word (which must have been “Gallic acid”), can be seen to have been carefully cut out of the page of Talbot’s notes.
This J.B. Reade Part 2 is also available as a PDF file, the best way to read it as it is set out with the pagination of the original printed paper, with footnotes at bottom of each page (instead of endnotes used in the webpage)

Letter to editor: ‘The Rev J. B. Reade’ and Dr. H. Diamond (1972)
    Short letter to the editor published in British Journal of Photography,
    21 July 1972, Vol. 119, No. 5844, p. 611

J. B. Reade’s Early Photographic Experiments: recent further evidence on the legend
Article published in British Journal of Photography, 28 July 1972, Vol. 119, No. 5845, pp.644–646, 643
Most important evidence of Reade's early experiments with photographic paper treated with gallic acid, sensitive enough to be used in a camera, is a legal copy made in 1854, of a letter from Reade dated 9 April 1839 to E.W. Brayley at the London Institution.

‘Straightening the record on Reade’
    Letter to the editor published in British Journal of Photography,
    3 July 1996, Vol. 143 No. 7083, p. 7
    The title of this communication was provided by the editors of the BJP

Reade’s last days — his letters to Jabez Hogg
Through February 1868 to November 1870 seven letters written by Rev. J. B. Reade to Jabez Hogg (1817-1899), regarding affairs of the Royal Microscopical Society, have survived. The four letters of 1870 reported in this article were those written by Reade in the last three painful months of his life before he died on 12 December 1870.

J. B. Reade’s letter dated February 13, 1854 to Robert Hunt
This letter ‘on some early experiments in photography’ was published by Hunt in his Researches on Light (2nd edition 1854), Appendix 2, pp. 371-5.
Here it is presented with extended annotations by R. Derek Wood, including discussion of Thomas Young’s researches on light.

On Photographs of the Moon and of the Sun, by the Rev. J. B. Reade (1854)
This is the plain text only (without any added annotation) of Reade’s presentation at the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Liverpool in 1854.
Advance of Science, British Association Report for 1854, Part 2, pp. 10-12.

Reade, Joseph Bancroft (1801-1870), microscopist and experimenter in photography
Article (© OUP) on J. B. Reade in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography,
Vol. 46, pp. 230-231, Oxford University Press, 2004.
Commissioned by OUP at an early stage of their 12-year project to produce a new DNB, this article was written and delivered to the publisher in 1996. The stipulation by the OUP editor of science subjects was that it should be a revision only of the old 1896 article, keeping as much as possible of the original.

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